what is art, who is an artist.

Maintaining the slimmest form of discipline as I push forward, wobbily, on my nascent walk into blogland. My 2nd post….

I guess Seth Goodin (don’t know him, and he never contacted me)  has written a new book, I got an email to a blog pushing the book. I gather he’s “THE MAN”  when it comes to blogging and marketing,

I must say I was impressed


Good for him! Also it seems to be a good book. Be sure to scroll down on this link for links to hours of thoughts, directions and generally great stuff on creativity, art, and clear thinking.


First Steps

I was lucky, I was there for my daughter’s first step. From my vantage point  it certainly didn’t seem very momentous to her.

She waited a long time for that first step. I don’t recall her falling very often, if ever. Now she’s a long distance runner.

I am however a somewhat different type. I’ll bet I fell a lot. But I got where I needed to. That’ll be my approach to this blog. Stick around, it’ll only get better. For now please don’t mind scraped knees or weak metaphors.

My first steps will be a bit more tentative. Posts will eventually be more frequent. And I hope soon. Within a month I will commit to a weekly post, and eventually more. Til the next post, enjoy your navigations through time and space.