what to do in a post-work world


Boredom is good

The state of boredom is actually an impossibility as our minds simply won’t allow it. Our novelty seeking monkey-minds, as such, are always on to the next thing. “I am bored” leads to an action, often, complaining. It seems that some people really gather some odd form of pleasure or justification in complaining., at any rate that would be one possible manifestation resulting from boredom.

Obviously boredom promotes action.

Here is a thought-Between the bored beginning and the action impulse we are free

the ever wider definition of art


Not fond of the new art jargon terms- “social practice” or “social engagement”. However an artists creative intention coming together as an art form that takes on new dimensions of expression is great by me. Axle Contemporary has been doing it (what ever it should be called) since it’s inception and has been some of our most popular exhibitions.http://www.axleart.com/#!projects/cctp. The projects do not take on a direct political stance, but building community, sharing humanity, curiousity, and creative activity just might be the most fundamental political thing there is.

Check out this article from the New York Times today:


get it out there

There’s so much to do – so much to think about – so many ways to put those thoughts into expression – so many ways to get it out there – save the self editing for later. Any action taken resists futility.