Much art that I have seen of late has a very strong socio-political component.

I question how effective , though well intended, this work actually achieves.

I realize we are in a world of great and rapid change. A world where virtually any scenario could reveal itself, from the most dire and apocalyptic to the most utopian and Pollyana. However much of what I see seems more like reportage, a reportage that tends toward preaching to the converted. This converted population, that although aware, tends to have an emotional temperature running toward cynicism, malaise and depression.

Art also has the capability to lead towards celebration, inherent in this is the same impulse that indicates all possibilities, that supports fundamental movements of gratitude, mystery and harmony. These are equally fertile areas to address the social and political issues of our times.

Art can be the visual component of story. And there are a lot of stories, instructive emboldening and sustaining stories.


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