image action

no-voidAre our hands, images, and insights connected? What is the biological function of what is called the arts? What is the function of images? Why art? Where does it take us? Images do travel through time between people and across language.


Art is, could be

Art is defined by form, color, shape, contour, contrast, magnitude, scale, and intention . Art has also been defined as solving a self defined problem or challenge. In a very universal sense any object or creation that is declared by the artist then becomes by that declaration a piece of art, Duchamp, Beuys etc. And then we commonly see the words medical arts, culinary arts,

The still life studied by the painter becomes the painting by use of oil on canvas, but what of that original assembly of fruit or vegetables on the table top?

Definitions of art can be malleable and fluid, but within all art is an element of an expansive reach, a need for expression.