Reflections From A Stick


I have a stick that I have been drawing with for 30 years. Drawing with the stick creates an automatic calligraphic quality.The patina of 30 years of India ink drawing on the stick is striking. I  have several books stacked on the table They are non fiction or poetry or philosophy of my selection, basically the books I am currently working with for information and inspiration, along with 2 books of my published work, and a work in progress . Behind me are works done in ink wash that utilized the stick as one of the art making tools for the drawing. Some are figurative, some abstract and some utilizing the written word with the inherent  calligraphic approach the stick engenders. When my guest arrives I  have them select a book of their choosing, and I  read random passages. I  ask them to reflect on what I have read and we  enter into a discourse. As the conversation unfolds a word is certain to pop up that will carry a pertinent and possibly powerful meaning for the guest. I write that word using my 30 year old stick dipped into india ink and give it to them, . The word carries a kind of talismanic energy, or at the least a visible manifestation of the experience.







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