Prado Remix exhibition at Ellsworth Contemporary

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Reflections from TALKOS : red or green

red green 2pr

TALKOS : red or green was an installation and performance piece loaded with props.

Paper sculptural tacos and their contents served as jumping off points for conversation and discussion, an “a la carte for conversation”. I offered a “free sample” – a quote on a strip of red or green paper, and asked the recipient to please read it aloud. This initiated a conversation about some aspect of economics. It may have been historical, present day, or how economics may shape into the future. I feel that we are in the middle of an industrial revolution that is going to shape society, politics, and economics for generations to come.

I have a reserved optimism and sought to share that with participants in TALKOS. I also wanted to hear what they think may be happening in this context.

It was fun to meet people who understood and to some degree or another were able to add to the conversation. We generally felt a sense of hope. Some began somewhat pessimistic about the future but were able to see that maybe, just maybe things could manifest in unexpected and positive ways. One thing did surprise me, There are people out there that are so invested in their pessimism that they  reacted to my actual data as though I was a crack pot. They actually seemed to get mad at me, walked away in some funk of disgust or  discomfort at having encountered a kind of lunatic . But what if I am right? What if work does become obsolete?



benevolent disruption

Every manifestation contains within it something besides which it seems to b

Every manifestation contains within it something besides which it seems to be

Paradigm shifts, self organizing principles, applied complexity theory.
In the line of pursuit of what’s going on anyways.

Is it possible to accept all this as a kind of divine working? (with or without a (G)od). In every aspect of this unfathomable construct, all I get is wonder. It’s just too damn confusing to see it as anything else. Well, maybe wonder and praise. Rips and tears in a neurotic self serving linear order Benevolent disruptions of applied creativity. Benevolent disruptions that seek to heal.

Embrace and encourage all possibility,all disciplines, before ruling out
anything. Then sort and purge. then work what’s left back into the system.

art is applied philosophy

Art is applied philosophy

Art is more like resolving the problem that YOU (the artist) want to resolve.
Thus art could be a great meal, an elegant calligraphy, a new political party, the choice to add a scribble on a piece of blank paper, or not.
Okay, so this is a rather expanded definition of art. Perhaps a definition of applied creativity?
Actually as I think about this. Art and creativity are considered interrelated. This causes a cheapening of both.
Perception, expanded notions and re-definitions of art, value, and creativity are of utmost importance as we pass into this new millenium.

joseph beuys arcane artist

joseph b1.jpgThe German artist, Joseph Beuys, was as big a force on European art in the late 20th century as Andy Warhol was for American art in the same period. One huge difference was Beuys was very sincere, If he was ironic it isn’t evident to me.

Beuys work was arcane. Arcane in the sense that it was necessary to be initiated to understand it. Once initiated your understanding will never be quite the same.

Like the arcane art of the middle ages, Beuys tried to deliver tools to help us gain understanding of the world around us.

His work like all arcane work was meant to empower the initiated. The walk through the 2010 exhibition at LACMA  served as an initiation, the result: a license delivered esoterically by Beuys to freely and creatively express ones self, the greatest individual social-political act of all.

what is art, who is an artist.

Maintaining the slimmest form of discipline as I push forward, wobbily, on my nascent walk into blogland. My 2nd post….

I guess Seth Goodin (don’t know him, and he never contacted me)  has written a new book, I got an email to a blog pushing the book. I gather he’s “THE MAN”  when it comes to blogging and marketing,

I must say I was impressed

Good for him! Also it seems to be a good book. Be sure to scroll down on this link for links to hours of thoughts, directions and generally great stuff on creativity, art, and clear thinking.